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Life changes in retirement. No longer do you have a steady stream of employment-based income to cover your daily living expenses. No longer are you saving for the future. The future is now.

You may be wondering, “Do I have enough saved to last for the rest of my life?” “Will my spouse be provided for if something unexpected happens to me?” “Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle?”

We help you feel confident in your ability to retire by identifying a steady stream of retirement income.

To do so, we gradually shift your portfolio from growth-focused to income-focused as you near retirement. Once you’ve retired, we implement a low-risk strategy to cover your monthly expenses. As we develop your custom strategy, we consider your Social Security benefits as well as your marital status, income requirements, long-term goals, life expectancy and more. We also work with you to update your plan as your life and financial circumstances evolve over time.